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New Wind offers a variety of lesson programs for beginners who are new to the sport. Our kiteschool is in Hood River, Oregon and La Ventana, Mexico both offer New Riders a customized learning experience amidst a beautiful and scenic locale. Information on lesson registration can be found here. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Fly Right Trainer
1.5 hrs + practice session

Flying a trainer kite is the first step in learning to kiteboard . Form proper flight skills right from the start (no bad habits to overcome later) New Wind's Fast Track learning system teaches you advanced techniques you will use with inflatable power kites.

Introduction to Kiteboarding
one full day

Only have one day to spare for lessons? This is the program for you! Leave with a solid introduction to safety, equipment and kite control skills. Includes independent practice session using our gear.

Fast Track Camp
two - five days / two friends

This is our best value and most popular program for 2 friends who want to learn together. Our Fast Track Learning System, combined with independent practice on our gear will get you to the point where you can buy gear and safely practice the sport together on your own.

Fast Track Private
two - five days

Our Fast Track learning progression will have you up and riding in 1/2 the time of any other kiteschool. In this multiday course you will learn the skills needed to be a safe and independent rider.

Total Custom Instruction
2 hr minimum
Private instruction specifically designed to meet your individual goals. Let our IKO certified coaches create a lesson program just for you!

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